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Residential Utility Work Order

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  2. The Residential Work Order is required to establish new service with the City of Altamonte Springs along with a scanned copy of a signed lease or closing disclosure, or warranty deed, and a driver's license or state issued identification is required to initiate service.

    Please allow (24) twenty-four business hours for processing. Same day service requests must be submitted, along with the deposit, by 12:00pm noon to have same day service connection.

  3. Rent or Own:*
  4. In order to set up service, the following documents are required. Click Browse to upload the files.

  5. Terms and Conditions:

    I understand and agree that I am responsible for all charges for above services requested, and will continue to be responsible for same until such time as I request termination of service. I also understand any deposit paid may be applied to the account on the final bill and any resulting credit will be refunded.

    Should this account not be fully paid within 28 days from the billing date the City may, at its option, immediately terminate service; additionally, the City is entitled to and the customer hereby agrees to pay all cost of collection and reconnection on this account, including attorney's fees and court costs.

    This agreement executed on the date below, by the applicant (herein referred to as "RELEASOR"), for the benefit of the CITY OF ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA, (hereinafter referred to as "CITY").

    WHEREAS, the Releasor is the lawful owner/occupant of the dwelling or building (hereinafter referred to as "PROPERTY") , and

    WHEREAS, the Releasor has requested the City to provide and turn-on water services to the Property, and,

    WHEREAS, the Releasor, as an inducement to the City to provide and turn-on water services to the Property, freely and voluntarily executes this Release and Waiver of Liability,


    1. In consideration of the City providing and turning on water service to the property, and other valuable consideration, receipt of which is acknowledged by Releasor, the Releasor does hereby freely and voluntarily and knowingly execute this Release and Waiver of Liability with the express intention of releasing the City, its agents, servants and employees, from all liability on any claim arising out of the action of the City in providing and turning on water service to the Property as requested by Releasor.

    2. Releasor does hereby agree to indemnify and hold the City and its agents, servants, and employees, harmless from any and all liability, loss or damage the aforesaid may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs or judgments against them arising out of the providing and turning on of water service to the Property, whether the liability, loss or damage is caused by or arising out of the negligence of the City or of its officers, agents, servants or employees or otherwise.

  6. Acknowledgement:*
  7. Reclaimed Water Service Release and Waiver of Liability for Reclaimed Water

    (Reclaimed service is optional for residents that have services available in their area)

  8. Connect Reclaim Service
  9. Decline Reclaimed Service
  10. I, the Applicant, have read and understand the Summary of the City's Policies and Regulations governing the Installation and Use of the Reclaimed Water System and the Project APRICOT brochure. I agree to restrict use of reclaimed water for the purpose(s) described in the Summary and brochure. I agree that the City will not be held liable for damages that may occur to the vegetation or for damages which may occur due to the use of reclaimed water for purposes not included in the Summary and the brochure, and agree to defend and hold the City from all claims and judgments arising therefrom against the City to any person.

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