Insurance, Permits & Rules


Applicants are required to provide the City with event insurance at least two weeks prior to the event. This includes but is not limited to: general liability, liquor liability, workers comp, and automobile insurance certificates for applicant, on site contractors, vendors and event suppliers.

Required Types of Insurance (Minimum coverage of $1,000,000 is required):

  • General liability needed for vendors with large displays, inflatables and for all equipment service providers.
  • Vendors cooking and/or selling food or drink must provide General Liability.
  • Liquor Liability is required of all events that are selling and/or sampling alcohol.
  • Workers Comp is required for all events that have employees on site during set up, the event and during breakdown.
  • Auto liability is required of any vendor trailers or vehicles that are used within the production of the event. This does not include vendor vehicles used solely to deliver or pick up event supplies unless it is being driven on park property.

Event vendors, contractors and those deemed necessary to provide insurance must provide a proper certificate at least five days prior to the event. Vendors may be disqualified from event participation if the proper insurance is not submitted and approved by the City. Applicant is responsible for securing all certificates and submitting them to the City.

Permits & Licenses

Vendors must have a current occupational license or obtain one from the City Clerk’s Office. Any required tent or electrical permits must be obtained through the City’s Building and Life Safety Office. All temporary food and alcoholic beverage permits/licenses must be obtained through the appropriate local and state offices. All licenses and permit documentation must be submitted with occupational licenses no less than two weeks prior to the event date.

Set Up & Breakdown Rules

Event applicants must remain on site through all phases of the event including set-up, event hours and breakdown.

  • Event set up may not begin before 5 a.m. the morning of the event. 
  • Noise generated from set up must be kept at a minimum. 
  • Music cannot be played prior to 8 a.m. unless given proper City approval. 
  • Evening event end and breakdown times:
    • Monday-Thursday - End by 9 p.m. and breakdown by 11 p.m.
    • Friday & Saturday - End by 10 p.m. and breakdown by 12 a.m.
    • Sunday - End by 8 p.m. and breakdown by 10 p.m.

Alcohol & Music

The City reserves the right to locate food and alcohol vendor booths in the park. Additional law enforcement presence is required when alcohol is present.

Music and/or audio volume must be kept within the City’s maximum allowable volume. If the volume surpasses acceptable limits, the applicant is asked to decrease the volume. If the City’s requests are not met, the City reserves the right to discontinue the use of audio equipment.

Prohibited Items

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in partial or total loss of damage deposit refund.

  • Glass Containers or Plates - Drinks in glass bottles must be poured into plastic cups before distribution.
  • Wine Bottles - Full wine bottles cannot be sold on site.
  • Balloons - Balloons can be used for decoration but cannot be released.
  • Nails, Staples and Tape - Cannot be used to hang signs, banners, decorations, etc. to park structures or equipment. Items cannot be hung from light poles, park structures or landscaping.
  • Stickers, Gum and Chocolate - Cannot be distributed to event attendees.
  • Pets - Not allowed in the park during an event when Cranes Roost Boulevard is closed (City Ordinance #3590-08).