Equipment & Pricing

Rental Equipment

Event applicants have the option of renting City equipment. Fees include equipment set up and breakdown. A late order fee of 15% per item is assessed for equipment ordered on the event day.

White Pop-Up Tents (Sides available)
10' x 10'
$75 each
Tables (Covers must be used)
$5 each
Folding Chairs
$2.50 each
Clamp Lights
$5 each
White, Plastic Stanchions & Fencing
Length Varies
$50 for 10 pieces
Leko Lights (Floating stage only)
$100 per light
Other Equipment - Extension cords, cord covers, lighting, etc.


The City may determine that in cases of high winds or inclement weather, tents may not be put up for safety reasons. Staples, tape or other damage causing tools are prohibited from being used on City owned equipment. All damage is deducted from the applicant’s deposit.

If an outside vendor is used, the applicant must provide the company name to the City for approval.


Once the appropriate deposits have been paid, all fees must be paid no later than one month prior to the event date. Failure to do so may result in the event being removed from the park’s event schedule.

Tax exempt and non-profit certificates must be submitted with the event application.

Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Hold Date Deposit (Non-refundable)
Fee secures agreed upon event date and time.
Deposit (Refundable)
Refunded provided site is properly cleaned, without damaged and hours are consistent with application.
Additional fees are assessed for park use exceeding 10 hours. Rental time includes set up through breakdown. Time is restricted for use by the event applicant only. 7% sales tax is applied to non-tax exempt applicants.
For Profit, Full Day Park Use
For Profit, Two Day Event Park Use
Per Hour Fee for Events Exceeding 10 Hours
Includes set up and breakdown.
Non-Profit, Full Day Park Use
Non-Profit, Two Day Event Park Use
Non-Profit, Third Day
Per Hour Fee for Events Exceeding 10 Hours
Includes set up and breakdown.
Fees for walkathons with fewer than 500 attendees using one park area.
Application Fee (Non-refundable)
Four Hour Rental Fee
Per Hour Fee for Events Exceeding Four Hours