Field Trips

Field Trips

AS2I is an innovative program that promotes career readiness in the high-tech, high-demand fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Structured programming is conducted on a weekly basis in conjunction with the annual school calendar. Field experiences are scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays for middle and high school students and are limited to 150 students per day. Upon arrival, students are divided into groups (maximum of 25 each) and will rotate through three 30-minute modules instructed by certified park rangers and biologists at Lake Lotus Park and three 30-minute modules instructed by chemists and engineers at the Altamonte Springs Water Reclamation Facility and Environmental Laboratory. Modules are aligned with K-12 Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in Science.


During each field experience students will participate in hands-on experimentation and data collection, interact with scientists and park rangers and participate in discussions and career opportunity sessions. Students and teachers can expect a time frame of approximately four hours on location (including a lunch break and travel between the park and water reclamation facility). Sufficient time for transportation to and from school should be considered when planning a scheduled field trip.

Field Trip Locations:

Field Trip Reservations:

Reservations for AS2I field trips are now open for the fall and spring. Book your trip through the School Group Reservation Form