Utility Services


Residents and businesses seeking any or all of these services should apply in person at the customer service window in City Hall. For residential service, a one-time $50 deposit is required. The deposit is refunded after 12 consecutive months of prompt payment of the monthly utility bill. Commercial deposit amounts vary based on anticipated consumption. Commercial deposits are refunded when accounts are terminated.

Commercial Utility Work Order
Residential Utility Work Order
Utility Rates & Charges

Sewer Service

State statutes and local city and county ordinances require connection to a central sewer system where such service is available. Single-family users not connected to the city water system pay the maximum monthly sewer charge.

Water Service

The owner or occupant should be present at the dwelling or structure when the valve establishing water service is opened. If you choose not to be present, the city is not responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of the turn-on.

To ensure an accurate water meter reading, keep shrubbery, bushes, grass, etc. in and around the meter box trimmed. Also, keep foreign objects away from the meter box. This allows our meter readers easy access to the box and helps eliminate dangerous conditions such as snakes, bees and the like.

It is unlawful for anyone other than city utility personnel to turn the water meter on or off. The police are notified of any tampering with meters locked for non-payment. Legal action may be taken and fines assessed for any theft, damages, etc. to water meters or service.

Reclaimed Water Service

Reclaimed water is highly-treated wastewater used for irrigation and car washing purposes. Access to the reclaimed water system may be obtained through an underground irrigation system or through an in-ground service box that features a special attachment for a garden hose. Connection to the reclaimed water system is suggested, but not required, for customers living in single-family homes. The utility billing department can advise commercial users about reclaimed water availability at their location.

Customers moving into an area where reclaimed water is available should sign the lower portion of the utility work order to start service. Call (407) 571-8340 to request a free, quick disconnect device.