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The future of sustainable water reuse starts with progressive action today. Our esteemed partners and City staff celebrated pureALTA’s global success and commemorated an innovative milestone on Thursday, October 25 in Cranes Roost Park. 

Altamonte Springs proactively created pureALTA to address our community’s future water needs and diversify the City’s water portfolio. The project utilizes cutting-edge technology to purify reclaimed water to drinking water standards.

The project received a 2018 Market-Changing Water Technology award from the International Water Association in Tokyo, Japan and was the only pilot honored from the U.S. The project also won the 2017 WateReuse Innovative Project of the Year at the nation’s preeminent water reuse conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Altamonte Springs constantly strives to think outside the box to deliver smart and cost effective solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. As leaders in local, regional and international discussions on water reuse programs, the City continues to create viable solutions for the community.

Thank you to the partners who made pureALTA possible.

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