Courtesy Report

Police criminal investigations are normally initiated after a report is made to one of our police officers. If a victim has left our area and cannot return, the law enforcement agency where the victim is located will sometimes take the initial report and forward it to our agency.

Occasionally, a victim is no longer in our area and cannot find a law enforcement agency willing to take the initial report. In those cases, we will accept a report from the victim, but it must include a sworn statement from the victim or person reporting.

If you feel you need to file a report directly with our agency, download the Courtesy Incident Report and follow the instructions for completing and returning the report.

Helpful Hints

  • List the common name where the incident occurred (e.g., Camden Springs Apartments). Be sure to include the suite or apartment number.
  • If the incident occurred on more than one day or continued over a period of time, place the date the incident first occurred in the first box and the date the incident ended in the last box (e.g., May 15, 2005 through May 31, 2005).
  • When listing suspect information, remember the more information you can provide the better the chances of the police department being able to locate them.
  • Be as complete and detailed as possible in your statement. Place your name and date at the top and remember to have your signature notarized at the bottom.

We cannot guarantee insurance companies will honor the report as proof of loss and we cannot guarantee the report will initiate a criminal investigation.