Citizens at Risk

The Citizens at Risk Program (CAR) is designed to assist residents with special medical requirements or who are easily disoriented. The program aids law enforcement and medical personnel in assisting citizens who have become disoriented due to a loss of memory, a disability or a medical condition such as autism, diabetes, stroke or Alzheimer's disease.

Who Qualifies

Residents who have memory or medical impediments which tend to make them become disoriented or unconscious and unable to communicate their name, address, or primary caregiver are able to join the program.

What Does It Do

After the resident is registered and receives their bracelet, they wear it at all times. If they become lost, disoriented or unconscious, police officers and medical personnel will be able to retrieve information from the citizen's confidential files. This information enables the police officer or medical provider to assist the citizen by either, returning them home, contacting next of kin, notifying a caregiver, or providing emergency medical information for treatment.

Registration forms are maintained at the Police Department. The information contained in the file is available 24 hours a day to emergency agencies on an as-needed basis. Information relayed to the officers and agencies will be limited to information necessary to assure a positive outcome of the emergency situation.

For more information, contact the Altamonte Springs Police Department's Community-Oriented Policing Service (COPS) Center at (407) 571-8294.