Planning & Development

Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for the implementation of City Plan 2030, the City’s comprehensive plan. Planning efforts have successfully resulted in development patterns which support a mix of land uses. The plan focuses on the integration of land use and multi-modal transportation.

The division is also responsible for:

  • Administering the City’s Land Development Code
  • Coordinating the activities of the Development Review Committee
  • Providing Development Review Services
  • Supplying technical support to the Planning Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, residents and businesses of the City of Altamonte Springs

This division coordinates the review of a variety of applications related to development and land use. The following applications require a mandatory pre-application conference with division staff:

  • Annexations, Future Land Use Map Amendments and Rezonings
  • Conditional Uses
  • Public Easement Abandonments
  • Right-of-Way Abandonments
  • Variances

For more information, view the Request for Public Hearing Pre-Application Meeting Form. (Refer to the Development Review Committee page for pre-application meeting requests related to site plans and plats.)

Planning Board & Board of Zoning Appeals Schedule

Other applications that the division coordinates include:

  • Address Assignments
  • Impact Fees for Transportation, Police and Recreation
  • Project Name Changes
  • Signs (Zoning Regulations)
  • Sign Face Changes
  • Telecommunication Towers

For information regarding the application procedures or code-related issues for these types of applications, please refer to the Land Development Code or contact the Planning and Development Division.