Public Records Requests

The City Clerk Department maintains all documents of official record, including but not limited to:

  • Citizen Board Meetings
  • Contracts
  • Developers Agreements
  • Minutes of City Commission Meetings
  • Ordinances and Resolutions

A complete record of the City Code of Ordinances and Florida State Statutes may be reviewed in the City Clerk's office or viewed online at the Municipal Code Corporation and Florida State Statutes websites. 

All record maintenance and records requests for the city is coordinated through the City Clerk Department. To request copies of city records, please submit your request via mail, email, by phone at (407) 571-8119, or in person. Records are open for public viewing and appointments will be assigned for large or extensive requests. The City follows FSS 119.07(4) and charges $0.15 per single sided copy and $0.20 per doubled sided copy. All other fees are based on the actual duplication of the record or as set forth in the City's fee schedule. Extensive requests may require payment for research time as allowed by law. Any necessary appointments or deposits for large requests are determined after making your initial inquiry if needed.