Business Tax Receipts

To conduct business in the City of Altamonte Springs, businesses must pay both a city and county business tax. This tax is for the privilege of engaging in a business, trade or occupation within the City. (Please refer to Chapter 19 of the City Code of Ordinances.)

Some occupations require a state license as well, and it is required to produce a copy of this license prior to the issuance of a Business Tax Receipt. Both city and county Business Tax Receipts may be obtained from the City Clerk.

The City Clerk maintains a listing of businesses taxed in the City and can answer inquiries regarding these businesses. However, complaints concerning business practices should be addressed to the Better Business Bureau at (407) 621-3300.

Online Application & Renewal System

New applications and renewal of Business Tax Receipts must be submitted through the Customer Self-Serve(CSS) Portal. To renew your BTR, view the CSS BTR Renewal User Guide.

To transfer an existing Business Tax Receipt, complete the Transfer Application Form and submit via email.

Additional information for home-based businesses and handymen:

For assistance with Business Tax Receipt issues, contact (407) 571-8116 or email.

Additionally, the filing of an application for a Business Tax Receipt does not give the applicant authorization to begin business activities. The Growth Management Department must review the application for conformance with applicable zoning regulations prior to a Business Tax Receipt being approved and issued.