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The City Library offers fun and interactive tutorials, language learning, standardized test preparation, career development and more.


Learn more than 315 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), with Pronunicator. This free service is easy to use and remarkably robust. Get started today.


  • Go the Pronunciator website to create an account.
  • Enter your library card number.
  • Click the “Register” button.
  • Enter your email address as your user name.
  • Create a password. At least 8 characters include letters and numbers in your password.
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Click “Launch Pronunciator.” 

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library is an online service offering tutorials and practice tests for SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, GMAT, ASVAB and many others. The service is free to cardholders and can be accessed from any computer.

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Free Resources with Florida Electronic Library

Check out the many free resources available with the Florida Electronic Library.

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Gale Presents: Peterson's Career Prep

Learn how to create resumes, get career advice and search for jobs or schools with this resource.

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William J. and Gloria Goodman Language Learning Lab

Have you always wanted to learn another language? The Altamonte Springs Library has a space where patrons can do just that. Thanks to a generous donation, the William J. and Gloria Goodman Language Learning Lab offers an enclosed environment to practice your skills. 

The lab is equipped with an iPad and headphones to access two language learning databases, Pronunciator and Transparent. The lab can be reserved for up to two hours during regular library hours and is free to use with your library card.

Operating Rules

  • Reservations for the lab are available on a first-come, first-served basis for two hours per day during Library operating hours. No advance registration is available.
  • Reservations for the lab are scheduled at the front desk. Patrons must have an Altamonte Springs City Library Card or Seminole County Library Card to book.
  • Patrons ages 13 years and older are welcome to use the lab.
  • Only one person may use the lab at a time.
  • Equipment is not to be used for other purposes, removed or tampered with.
  • The Library staff will unlock the lab after the patron's reservation is made.
  • Patrons must be present for the duration of their reservation. If patrons leave the lab for more than 10 minutes, their reservation will be canceled. The allotted time is not transferrable.
  • At the end of the session, Library staff will relock the lab and check for damages or missing equipment.
  • No food is permitted inside the lab. Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in lidded containers.
  • Please treat the lab as a community resource for all. Personal grooming tasks are not allowed.
  • Please dispose of trash in the trash bins outside the lab.
  • Any patron damaging the lab or its equipment will be denied future access.