Live Local Act

Row of Townhomes

The Live Local Act (Senate Bill 102) was signed by Governor DeSantis in March 2023. It provides a state preemption of local zoning/comprehensive plan regulations for Affordable/Workforce Housing, where a minimum of 40% of the units are income restricted for at least workforce housing (120% of the regional Average Median Income). The new law also requires local governments to:

  • maintain a public written policy outlining procedures for expediting building permits and development orders for affordable housing projects and
  • update and electronically publish the inventory of publicly owned properties which may be appropriate for affordable housing development. 

The City has developed a policy for expediting affordable housing development consistent with the requirements of the Live Local Act.

View the Live Local Act Standard Operating Procedure

The City approved Resolution 1427 in August 2023, which reflects the City’s commitment to comply with Florida Statutes with the Live Local Act. An attached exhibit to the resolution lists the City owned properties appropriate for affordable housing. The list of properties is updated every three years consistent with Florida Statute 166.0451. 

View Resolution 1427 and the Property List

View the Property Vicinity Map