Standards of Conduct and Professional Culture

The Altamonte Springs Police Department is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical conduct. By working in partnership with the community, we endeavor to promote public safety, reduce crime and protect quality of life. We serve our residents and visitors by applying our core principles of respect, integrity, trust and equality. We value our diversity and acknowledge that our unique backgrounds bring strength to our organization.

Response to Resistance (RTR)

Our agency is devoted to protecting our community by exercising reasonable and equitable judgment. In fulfilling our police functions, officers will only respond to resistance at a level necessary to accomplish their lawful objectives in accordance with Florida law. Our philosophy is based on respect for all.

ASPD officers are required to employ the Response to Resistance Matrix during law enforcement encounters in order to determine an effective and appropriate response. Our standards preclude the use of carotid restraints, chokeholds, shooting at moving vehicles or the use of deadly force (unless or until all other reasonable methods of apprehension have been exhausted).

Percentage of Arrests Using Elevated Levels of RTR = 1.5% (National Average Is 20%)

Body-Worn & In-Car Cameras

Our City has a long history of transparency. Twenty-seven years ago, we incorporated in-car video, and three years ago we implemented body-worn cameras. This media assists in the effort to document law enforcement interactions with the public, collect evidence, increase accountability and provide a greater degree of transparency to the public.

Additionally, ASPD equipment and vehicles all have built-in sensors that automatically trigger recording if certain situations arise (e.g., emergency lights, speed thresholds, crash detections, firearm removed from holster).

  • ASPD Installed In-Car Cameras In 1993
  • ASPD Implemented Body-Worn Cameras In 2017

De-Escalation Required

Officers are required to continually evaluate every interaction and only use the lowest level of response necessary to control the situation.

Duty to Intervene

It is the duty of every officer present at any scene to intervene if another officer, regardless of rank, uses force inappropriately or when no longer required. All suspected excessive force violations are required to be reported immediately.

Comprehensive Reporting Policy

Officers are required to submit comprehensive reports immediately when physical force is used, when a complaint of force is made, an officer’s firearm is discharged, a Taser is deployed or when any firearm is displayed in such a fashion as to suggest readiness to fire.

Officer Training & Accountability

ASPD incorporates a rigorous Field Training and Evaluation Program to produce qualified police and community service officers at the highest level of performance expected by our agency.

The department realizes that continual training is essential to maintain a high level of professionalism. Training curriculum includes but is not limited to discriminatory profiling, cultural diversity, communication, firearms, response to resistance and other specialized training designed to enhance an employee’s ability to perform the functions demanded of police officers in today’s society.

The City has effective leadership that strictly enforces its code of conduct and delivers equitable treatment of all employees. We have created an environment that communicates and responds openly therefore negating the need for unions. Officers are subject to the City’s policies, in addition to those of the ASPD, which further ensures that all officers lawfully and professionally serve the public.

Community Programs & Relations

ASPD’s standard is to provide high-quality service while nurturing and fostering partnerships with all members of our community through consistent and positive daily interactions.

We are devoted to community-oriented policing that promotes mutual trust and exceeds the expectations of the people we serve. Our objective is to create and sustain safe neighborhoods by addressing the underlying causes of crime. Our community-building initiatives have been in place for decades and are a budgeted priority that donates annually to charitable organizations, civic events and programs. Our City empowers all employees and community members to share in the commitment to solve problems and keep the public safe and secure.

To learn more about community programs, visit the COPS webpage.