100 Year Celebration

City Magazine January 2020 Cover Photo Colllage

A Message From the Mayor

As we venture into 2020, the City of Altamonte Springs is kicking off the new year by celebrating its 100th birthday. The City will acknowledge and appreciate the partners, residents and businesses who have made Altamonte Springs such an amazing place over the century.

I have lived in Altamonte Springs for over 30 years and I cannot think of a better area in Central Florida that offers such high-quality municipal services and leisure programs for its residents. As one your neighbors, I am so proud to call this beautiful city "home."

Our municipality has come a long way. Altamonte Springs was born from dirt roads, a lonely post office and only 42 registered voters. As the years have progressed, we are now a vibrant and bustling City of more than 40,000 residents offering an abundant variety of amenities that suit both urban luxury and suburban tranquility.

What once used to be occupied by only 441 inhabitants has now expanded to welcome over one million visitors and residents annually. From the construction of the Altamonte Hotel in the early 1880s to the birth of Project APRICOT in the 1980s, Altamonte Springs has always been a hub for aesthetic leisure, forward-thinking development and legendary innovation. The City has transformed the way we do business and launched a number of innovative programs aimed at improving our future S.T.E.M. workforce, alternative water supply, commercial development, environmental sustainability, technological advancements and community relations.

I hope you will join us this year in celebrating the Altamonte Springs Centennial as we commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime achievement that pays tribute to our history, celebrates today and makes headway for the future.