National League T-Ball Division Rules

National League T-Ball division rules for ages 4 and 5.


  1. The home team is determined by the official league schedule.
  2. The home team is responsible for the following:
    • Providing an official scorekeeper. This person is responsible for tracking inning change outs. We do not keep score to determine a winner or loser.
    • Getting one baseball from the field supervisor. American League uses the official Cal Ripken Baseball.
  3. Before the start of the game each manager will provide their line-ups for the game to the official scorekeeper.
  4. If a game is under weather delay PRIOR to the start time of the game, teams must wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the scheduled start time for an "all clear" before leaving the park. If the all clear is not given before the 30 minute waiting period, the game will be called as a "rain out" and will be rescheduled. If the all clear is given within the 30 minute waiting period, the game will begin and the start time will be noted. If a game goes under a weather delay while in progress, prior to the completion of the 4th inning (complete game), teams must wait a minimum of 30 minutes for the all clear. If the all clear is not given within the 30 minute waiting period, the game will be rescheduled and play will resume from the point of the delay.


  1. Games are six innings with a time limit of 1 hour, 30 minutes. No new inning begins after 1 hour, 30 minutes.
  2. Each team will bat through the entire lineup each inning.
  3. A batter will be given 5 swing attempts to put the ball into the fair playing field off of a tee. If a batter fails to place the ball into fair territory after 5 swings then he/she will be considered a strikeout. Five complete misses of the ball while batting constitutes a strikeout. A check swing to line up the bat with the ball will not be considered a swing.
  4. All players will bat off a tee at the beginning of the season. If the coach wants to, he/she can allow each child to be pitched to by field supervisor after the second game. Each child will get 3 pitches only. After the 3rd pitch, the ball will be placed on the tee for 2 additional swings. All players must be pitched to at or behind the 25’ line. On the final attempt at the tee a coach from the offensive may assist that player in putting the ball in play.
  5. Players and coaches in uniform are the only people allowed in the dugout, field and bull pen area. Any person not wearing the complete uniform issued by the league will not be allowed in the dugout. No substitute uniforms or alterations will be accepted. All uniforms must have numbers. Please do not allow any children other than players in the dugout. 2 team moms are also allowed (background checks required). No exceptions.
  6. The defensive team will have all of their players on the field during each inning (6 infield players and the rest in the outfield).
  7. Managers and coaches are encouraged to rotate their players within fielding positions so that the players learn various positions.
  8. Every player will be given the opportunity to play infield at least 1 inning per game. If, due to safety concerns, a manager feels it is unsafe for a player to play infield, approval must be obtained by the LO.
  9. If a player arrives after the start of the game, the player must be added to the bottom of the batting order.
  10. Tees shall be left at a level that is considered the batters strike zone.
  11. All roster players present for the game will be placed in the batting order.
  12. Bunting, base stealing and leading off is not permitted.
  13. Batting helmets must be worn by all batters, on deck batters and base runners.
  14. Players can advance one base on an overthrow.
  15. Players must attempt to throw the ball to the base intended to make an out. A runner will be called safe if a defensive player leaves his assigned position to make a play at an opposite base.
  16. Managers are responsible for the conduct of their team, fans and coaches and must address this with each parent and child.
  17. Managers are responsible for league issued equipment and must return it at the conclusion of the season. Managers will not eligible to coach next season if equipment is not returned.


  1. Dead Balls
    • A batted ball that does not reach the 25’ line marked in front of home plate and is not fielded by a defensive player is considered a dead ball and considered a foul ball.
    • If a defensive player touches a batted ball before it crosses the 25’ line the ball is considered “live” and in play.
    • Play is stopped when the defense has brought the ball under control, or is attempting to bring the ball under control in the infield. Defenses will not be penalized for trying to make a play at a base and having the ball go past them. There are no extra bases for passed balls. All runners are to stay at their base unless an out is recorded.


  1. 6 infield players and the rest are in the outfield. Infield players must be put in legitimate baseball positions and the outfield players are spread out from foul line to foul line.
  2. One of the infield positions is catcher.
  3. Catchers must wear a mask.
  4. There will be no infield fly rule in this division.
  5. A maximum of 3 coaches are allowed on the field for the offensive team.
    • 1 at the home plate area
    • 2 in the coach boxes by 1st base and 3rd base.
  6. A maximum of 3 coaches are allowed on the field for the defensive team.
    • 3 Coaches in the outfield.
  7. All defensive players must stay clear of the base runner and cannot stand in the runner’s base path. If the runner is forced to go around a fielder or not able to reach a base due to a defensive player, he/she will be called safe do to "Defensive Interference.”


  1. Team standings will NOT be maintained in this division.


  1. Safety is paramount. If at any time a parent, coach or manager has safety concerns about the application of any playing rule or ground rule in a particular situation they may submit these concerns to any ASBR LO member for a special ruling.
  2. All players shall wear a protective cup.
  3. There shall be NO SLIDING in the T-Ball Division when on the “BUDDY BALL” field due to the playing surface that serves a dual purpose. The other fields permit sliding at the discretion of the coaches.
  4. Managers are to ensure that players remain properly hydrated during games and practices.
  5. All League Officials, managers, coaches and players are to adhere to Park rules adopted by the City of Altamonte Springs in regards to facility usage.


  1. The league furnishes each player with a hat, pants, shirt, belt and socks. Every player must wear a complete and matching uniform for all league games. This includes matching pants. The LO may take action against a manager or player who continually disregards the league dress code.
  2. Exposed jewelry such as wristwatches, bracelets, hoop style earrings and neck chains, or any other item judged dangerous may not be worn during the game. Religious and medical alert bracelets and necklaces are the exception to the rule, but if worn must be taped to the body.
  3. No cleats allowed on the “Buddy Ball” field.

The League Officers have adopted these ground rules. Any proposed changes to the ground rules after the season begins, shall be posted 2 weeks prior to taking effect.