Exercise Classes

Therapeutic Pool Exercise Class

Therapeutic pool activities are suspended until further notice. 

Classes are offered in 10-week sessions, and for your maximum benefit, they follow a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. All classes are 40 minutes in length and limited to 20 participants.

Class registration is available online and opens at 8 a.m. each Monday the week before a new session starts. (In cases when Monday is a City holiday, registration begins on Tuesday.) Members must register for each session as classes are not carried over from one session to the next. You must be a current member to register for exercise classes.


  • Arthritis Basic | Low Intensity
    This class is designed to help individuals with arthritis and decreased mobility. The AEA/Arthritis Foundation® approved exercises focus on improving balance, coordination and range of motion.
  • Arthritis Plus | Low Intensity
    This class is designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to increase their endurance and strengthen their cardiovascular system. The class is approved by the AEA/Arthritis Foundation.
  • Water Aerobics I | Moderate Intensity
    This class emphasizes exercises for coordination, balance and flexibility. The faster-paced exercises build stamina and cardiovascular strength.
  • Water Aerobics II | High Intensity
    This fast-paced class focuses on increasing stamina, muscle tone and improving range of motion. The class consists of a complete warm-up, an aerobic and core strengthening routine and a proper cool down.
  • Open Swim
    This time is reserved for self-lead activity. No instruction is provided during this time. Lap swimming is not permitted.