Crime Reports

The Altamonte Springs Police Department has partnered with, the nation's largest collection of law enforcement agencies committed to transparency, public access and citizen engagement. The site is designed to help residents better understand where crime is happening in their communities. collects and maps reported crimes occurring within the jurisdictional limits of the ASPD. Not all crimes may be reflected. Under F.S.S. 119, some public record requests may be subject to exemption and may not be releasable to the public. To obtain more specific information about calls for service or offense reports in a particular area, visit the Records webpage.

Get Started

  • Visit CityProtect/Altamonte Springs.
  • Click the icons on the map to learn more about a specific incident
  • Click the Filter button in the search box in the top left corner to refine your search by date, time, incident type, etc.
  • To view all area agencies and incidents, click the View All Agencies button above the search bar

View the ASPD Residential Crime Report