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Engineering & Design Standards
It is necessary to use these engineering and design standards in projects as necessitated by the specific design. When inserting these drawings into your plan set, please retain the border as it verifies that you are using the current version. Check this site for each project as these details are subject to update without notice. If you have questions, please call (407) 571-8340.

Details in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the category title, individual number or as a complete set.

Details in AutoCAD are available as individual or a complete set.
General Utilities

Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire General Utilities pack.
 Title CAD  PDF
 Manhole Frame & Cover GU001-1 GU001-1
 Pipe Identification GU002-4 GU002-4
 Utility Pipe Tracing Wire, Location & Materials GU004-4 GU004-4
 Valve, Valve Box & Cover GU005-3  GU005-3
 Utility Pipe Minimum Separation Requirements Table GU006-4  GU006-4
 Utility Pipe Minimum Separation Requirements GU007-2A
 Bore & Jack for Water Service Connection GU008-2  GU008-2
 Line Flushing Assemblies  GU009-3 GU009-3
 Four-Inch Flushing Valve Assembly GU010-3 GU010-3
 Open Cut Detail GU011-0 GU011-0
 Restrained Joint Detail GU012-0 GU012-0
 Fire Hydrant Color Identification GU013-0 GU013-0
 Existing Potable Water & Sanitary Sewer Capacity Table GU014-0 GU014-0
 Proposed Potable Water & Sanitary Sewer Capacity Table  GU015-0  GU015-0

Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire Miscellaneous pack.
Title CAD   PDF
 Typical Parking Lot Layout MI001-2 MI001-2
 Typical Fire Lane & Loading Zone Requirements MI002-1 MI002-1
 Accessible Parking Spaces MI003-1 MI003-1
 Accessible Parking - Single Space Striping MI004-5 MI004-5
 Accessible Parking - Multiple Space Striping MI005-5 MI005-5
 Accessible Parking - Pavement Symbol Requirements MI006-1 MI006-1
 Reserved Parking Signage MI007-2A
 Dumpster Pad & Enclosure MI008-3 MI008-3
 Standard Curb Construction MI009-2 MI009-2
 Pavement Cross Section & Butt Joint (Commercial) MI010-2 MI010-2
 Sidewalk Construction Requirements MI011-2 MI011-2
 Sidewalk & Bike Path Ramps MI012-1 MI012-1
 Tree Protection Measures MI013-0 MI013-0
 Standard Development Cover Sheet MI014-5 MI014-5
 City Logo MI015-2 MI015-2
 Residential Driveway Construction MI016-3 MI016-3
 Driveway Approach & Departure Angles MI017-0 MI017-0
 Brick Paving Assemblies MI018-0 MI018-0
 Concrete Washout MI019-0   MI019-0
 Public Works Mini-Map Template MI901-2 MI901-2
 Public Works Cover Template (24 by 36 inches) MI902-2 MI902-2
 Public Works Drawing Template (24 by 36 inches) MI903-1 MI903-1

Potable Water
Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire Potable Water pack.
 Title CAD  PDF
 Potable Water - General Notes  PW001-1A
 Standard Fire Hydrant Assembly PW002-4 PW002-4
 Potable Water - Single Service Connection (1-inch or less) PW003-1A PW003-1A
 Potable Water - Single Service Connection (1.5-inch) PW003-1B PW003-1B
 Potable Water - Single Service Connection (2-inch) PW003-1C PW003-1C
 Potable Water - Double Service Connection (1-inch or less) PW003-1D PW003-1D
 Potable Water - One & Two-Family Combination Fire Service PW004-1A
 Master Meter Assembly With By-Pass & Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention
 Assembly (RPBA)
PW007-4 PW007-4
 Temporary Meter Installation PW008-1 PW008-1
 Temporary Jumper Connection Notes PW009-1 PW009-1
 Temporary Jumper Connection Detail PW009-2 PW009-2
 Potable Water - Individual Above Ground Meter Set PW010-2 PW010-2
 Water Meter Location - Requirements for Interior, Commercial Use PW011-0 PW011-0
 Potable Water Standard Details - City Projects PW901-2 PW901-2

Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire Roadway pack.
 Title CAD  PDF
 Roadway Construction - General Notes RD001-1A
 Roadway Geometry RD002-1 RD002-1
 Road Section - 50 foot or 60 foot Right of Way RD003-2 RD003-2
 Road Section - Five Lane without Median RD004-2 RD004-2
 Road Section - Five Lane With Median RD005-2 RD005-2
 Cul-De-Sac With Single Storm Inlet RD006-1 RD006-1
 Cul-De-Sac With Dual Storm Inlet RD007-1 RD007-1
 Roadway Valley Gutter RD008-2 RD008-2
 Roadway Clear Zone & Landscaping RD009-1 RD009-1
 Street Name Markers - Minimum Standards RD010-2 RD010-2
 Road Barricade RD011-1 RD011-1
 Roadway Details - City Projects RD901-1A

Reclaimed Water
Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire Reclaimed Water pack.
 Title CAD  PDF
 Reclaimed Water - General Notes RW001-1A
 Reclaimed Water - Single Service Connection RW002-2 RW002-2
 Reclaimed Water - Double Service Connection RW003-2 RW003-2
 Reclaimed Water - Service Connection Box RW004-2 RW004-2
 Reclaimed Water - Master Meter Assembly RW005-3 RW005-3
 Reclaimed Water Commercial - Single Service Connection RW006-1 RW006-1
 Reclaimed Water Details - City Projects RW901-1 RW901-1

Sanitary Sewer
Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire Sanitary Sewer pack.
 Title CAD  PDF
 Typical Sewer Connection SS002-2 SS002-2
 Standard Manhole Detail SS003-2 SS003-2
 Typical Manhole Connections SS004-1 SS004-1
 Double Compartment Grease Trap & Inspection Sampling Station SS005-2 SS005-2
 Grease Interceptor - 750 to 3,500 Gallons SS005-3A SS005-3A
 Grease Interceptor - 4,500 to 7,500 Gallons SS005-3B SS005-3B
 Grease Interceptor - 8,000 to 11,000 Gallons SS005-3C SS005-3C
 Sand & Oil Interceptor - 500 to 3,500 Gallons SS005-3D SS005-3D
 Grease Polishing Tank SS005-3E SS005-3E
 Air Release Valve Assembly SS006-2 SS006-2
 Lift Station Elevation SS007-1A SS007-1A
 Lift Station Plan View SS007-1B SS007-1B
 Lift Station Control Cabinet SS007-1C SS007-1C
 Sanitary Sewer Details - City Projects SS901-1 SS901-1
 Lift Station Details - City Projects SS902-1 SS902-1
 Notice of Special Interceptor and Grease Interceptor Calculator    

Below are the engineering and design standards or download the entire Stormwater pack.
 Title CAD  PDF
 Stormwater - General Notes ST001-1A
 Dry Detention Pond ST002-2 ST002-2
 Wet Retention - Detention Pond ST003-1 ST003-1
 Stormwater Pond or Swale Adjacent to Pedestrian Walkway ST004-1 ST004-1
 Drainage Flume ST005-0 ST005-0
 Stormwater Details - City Projects ST901-1 ST901-1