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Environmental Science Modules are designed to meet Florida State AP Environmental Science course study requirements.

Advanced Environmental Science for high school students is offered at either Lake Lotus Park or the Regional Water Reclamation Facility during the spring semester. Please select one of the four (4) enhanced High School Environmental Science modules. City staff will coordinate with the scheduling teacher to match strong laboratory and/or field study components with current curriculums. Reservations for Advanced Environmental Science field study must be scheduled a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to selected date and is offered in the spring semester only.

For more information or special request, contact Tina Legg at (407) 571-8744 or fill out the School Group Reservation Form.

Regional Water Reclamation Facility - Half Day Field Study (Limited to 25 Students)

Module 1 - Manipulating Energy and Observing Changes Using Atomic Emission
Advanced students will learn how to make solutions at different concentrations, test these solutions to measure their concentrations, develop a calibration curve and understand the analytical process related to Atomic Emission.

Module 2 - Comparison of Water Quality Parameters
Advanced students will perform analyses on different water sources and infer the source based on the parameters. Students will use this information to discuss the relationships between parameters, the significance of these parameters in the wastewater treatment process as well as the effects on receiving surface water bodies, including eutrophication.

Module 3 - Tour of the Regional Water Reclamation Facility
Students will experience a more detailed tour and in-depth discussion of the wastewater treatment process, including visits to areas that are not accessible to the other class groups. Students will discuss the various chemical reactions that occur in the wastewater process and review in depth the microorganisms that make the wastewater treatment process possible.

Lake Lotus Park - Full Day Field Study (Limited to 75 Students)

Module 4 - Fieldwork at Lake Lotus Park
Students will complete fieldwork throughout the 100 acre nature preserve establishing benchmarks related to understanding the interrelationship of the natural world. Students will collect samples, take measurements, perform tests and learn to calibrate and operate various measurement tools and equipment. This will include multiple benchmarks relating to the following:

  • Relationships Among Organisms/Life in Aquatic Systems
  • Effects of Weather and Erosion on Ecosystems
  • Human Impact/Invasive Species.

There will be discussion on how both naturally occurring and human impacts affect our world. This is a full day of study with lunchtime at Lake Lotus Park.