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Uptown Vibes Call for Artists

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  2. Altamonte Springs is looking for local artists to perform for the City's new virtual artist showcase, Uptown Vibes. All music genres are welcome to audition. A performance location is provided, but as space is limited, we can only accept small bands who can perform acoustically. All performances will be recorded and posted at a later date. We will not stream live.

    Artist Requirements:
    • No more than three band members.
    • Set must be acoustic and run at least 45 minutes.
    • No drum sets. Percussion such as bongos, cajons, etc. are acceptable.
    • Covers and original songs are accepted, but lyrics must be family-friendly.
    • No prerecorded tracks are permitted. Performances must be live.
    • Bands must have transportation to and from the performance location.
    • Bands must provide samples of their work with links to websites, social media, video platforms, etc.
    • Bands must provide a photo for marketing purposes.
    • Selected artists are compensated $100 per band member for their time. One member must fill out the City’s vendor forms in order to receive a check.

    Event Information:
    • Performance Location: 150 Cranes Roost Boulevard, Suite 2200, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
    • All video and audio equipment is supplied by the City.
    • All performances are prerecorded and may be posted at a date to be determined by the City. There is no live streaming.
    • Recorded performances may be posted on the City's social media platforms.
    • Copies of the video and audio files are provided to the artist after the performance has been made public.
    • City staff will review submitted applications and notify selected artists to schedule a performance date and time.

    Selection Process:
    City staff will review applications, notify accepted artists and provided City vendor forms. All paperwork must be completed and processed before the performance date and time are set. For more information, please contact the Events Management division at (407) 571-8180 or
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